does my essay make sense

please check andestimate my essay - Practise your English - Форум ...

From my point of view, it is important for travellers to be aware of the culture... norms of the place he came to,he can say something wrong or make incorrect .... I did get it and in another context it might sense as I pointed out.

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... and for takining your time to make some sense out of my essay. ... This is a very good ideato read the essay after you have finished it. Also ...

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None of the canon pairings in ATLA make sense to me. ... Right now the biggest difficulty is finishing my essay with tumblr open to answer allyou lovelies!

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Me: Time to start my essay. ... #history essay go awey. ... This didn't make sense.. cause I dont know what kind of words i should use.. to describe this situation?

does my essay make sense

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